Wayne and Coleen Rooney's Earnings Revealed

    Wayne and Coleen Rooney are reportedly fuming. And why? Well, a sports agency has taken them to court, which would already be quite irritating on its own but to make things worse, details of the couples private earnings and spending have been revealed to the world in the process.

    Proactive Sports Management is suing the Roos for £500,000 for what they claim is unpaid commission and credit card bills. In the process, theyve revealed that the pair are worth an estimated £35m. We tried to resolve this and it's regrettable we had to take this course of action, said a spokesman for Proactive.

    A spokesman for the Rooneys responded: Wayne and Coleen are angry that this has gone to court. For Proactive to have gone to court at this stage is precipitate and unjustified.

    But on to what you really want to hear: how much do the pair earn? Well, Coleen gets £13,000 per episode for her Real Women TV show, £5,000 a month for her Closer magazine column and £41,667 a month for her magazine column in OK! magazine. Her eight-book deal landed her £283,334 and shes made £50,000 in royalties from her first two childrens books.

    And Wayne? On top of his £90,000 a week salary, the footballer rakes in £760,000 a month for image rights, £152,000 of which goes to his agent. Then theres a piffling £118,689 every six months from computer games firm EA and a cool £1m a year from Nike.

    The spud-faced nipper also made £3.55m from his five-book contract with HarperCollins and £600,000 from a four-year deal with Coca-Cola. Whod be a footballer, eh?

    The court papers also reveal some interesting stuff about the pairs spending. Wayne splashed over £18,000 on his stag week in Ibiza, while Coleen spent a slightly more moderate £864 on food and drink for her hen weekend and £2,525 on a night out to see rubbish boyband Westlife.

    Recession, what recession?

    by Will Parkhouse, Tuesday 9 December 2008

    Sources: Daily Mirror, Daily Mail


    makes me mad,he looks like a monkey with freckles and she's got kenneth williams nose!!

    They should counter sue them, Who really cares how much they earn?


    Leave Shrek alone!

    Original Poster


    Leave Shrek alone!

    lol Donkey, hope it didn't hurt your feelings!

    Original Poster

    He gets £118,689 just for them using his image on Fifa and £760,000 a month for image rights, he hasn't even got a nice image!


    you'd think he'd smile a bit more. always looks miserable lol
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