Ways to make a few quid on the internet, Surveys etc.

Hey all

Just got back from living abroad and i am looking ways to earn a few quid until i get a full time job again.

I hear people talking about doing surveys online and getting a few quid that way and i was wondering what sites people go through. Best money back etc.

Also are there any other ways of making a few quid similar to these. I also heard about sites where you answer peoples questions for a few pence each time.

Any help would be very much appreciated, and can we keep the answers clean. haha

Cheers all in advance


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was more looking ways of making money, not via gambling but like those surveys were you can earn amazon vouchers and maybe try and answer peoples questions.

Cheers anyways

You'd probably make more money begging on the street. Making pennies from surveys is no replacement to a real job. It's the pastime of housewives and benefit scroungers.

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I am not looking it as a replacment, just a way to make a couple of quid every now and then while there is nothing else to do on the internet.

try yougov.co.uk

you have to register and they email you a survey alert. hope that helps

YouGov are supposed to be one the best. They only pay out when you reach £50 which will take you anywhere from 2-5 years to reach...

I've been doing Pinecone Research surveys for a few years now. Take about 15-20 min and they post a £4 voucher out that can be used at loads of shops inc supermarkets. Just spent £20 worth of them on today's shopping.

Dont know if they're taking on at the moment though and I think it may only be £3 for new members.


I have been doing surveys thorough them for a few years now, They do large surveys sometimes worth 5 or 10 quid.

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sweet, thanks for all the responses, got some good ideas now of who to go for. cheers all

did 2 quick surveys on vzlued opinions and got a pound already, thanks

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Ho do you get onto pinecone gavjbrown?? is there somewhere else to sign up?


Ho do you get onto pinecone gavjbrown?? is there somewhere else to sign … Ho do you get onto pinecone gavjbrown?? is there somewhere else to sign up?

I think they only accept more people when they need them, that way the current members get a good amount of surveys.
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