Ways to plan a UK holiday with attractions mapped out?

Found 10th Mar 2018
Hi all

Me and the family are off to Wales for a week later in the year and have a number of places we would like to visit.

I thought of printing out a map of the area and marking on it where each thing was with a postcode for sat nav and a estimated travel time to each spot.
That way each day we could plan where we are going and if more than one attraction is in the same area we can adjust to visit both together.

Is there any easy to use software that would allow me to do this?

Currently my only idea is to print out a page for each attraction and just write on it the postcode and time it takes to get to it.

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Try sygic app/website. It exactly suits your needs.
gbabu12 h, 52 m ago

Try sygic app/website. It exactly suits your needs.

Thanks. I will install the app and give it a go 😁
I've used Google Maps to do something similar. You can create your own map and add destinations with whatever details you want. And then you get a view with the attractions on the map. You can easily work out how far each place is by randomly selecting a point in the map and getting directions.
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