Found 6th Oct 2009
Does Anyone know any good ways to try and rasie money?????

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What are you trying to raise money for?

Is it just you or a group project (e.g. a school)

if for yourself try selling stuff on here

[COLOR="Red"]Invest in the stock market.[/COLOR]


tie string to either coins or notes and lift arm upwards.:thumbsup:



Stand outside the railway station after dark.....


Stand outside the railway station after dark.....

Yeah and hopefully someone will mistake you as a parking meter.



you got a good body

yeah thanks

Wash car windows at a set of lights notorious for long waits using washing liquid in a bottle and a squeegee. Low investment, high gains.

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What are you trying to raise money for?Is it just you or a group project … What are you trying to raise money for?Is it just you or a group project (e.g. a school)

A school thing kinda, this is what it is

World Challenge expedition to Morocco 2010
Today our students watched an inspirational presentation in school from an organisation called World
Challenge. They organise lifechanging
expeditions around the world for young people. What sets this apart
from other school trips is that the students will have the added responsibility of fundraising to secure their
place on the team.

If for charity you could sell football cards, carwash, fill shopping bags (if they still allow that) or do something sponsored.

If just for money i've always found having an additional part-time job useful; carboot sales can be productive and a lot of people make good livings drop shipping (ie selling stuff direct from China)

My local club has a game called "Find The Joker" that has people pay a pound to get a third share of ticket sales(other thirds go to club and into th ejackpot) and a chance to overturn a card on a board. If it is the "joker" they win the jackpot (currently at the max of £3000). It usually takes a while for the joker to be found and the jackpot increase quickly to the extent that the next jackpot is usually a fair size when the game restarts after th ejoker is eventually overturned.

My cousin is doing something similar at the moment

He has been doing bag packing a lot, this seems to be the best way of a steady amount of cash (people will always be doing shopping!)

They have also done car boot sales a few times

Organised raffles, asked local businesses to donate prizes (items or vouchers for free haircut etc)

Made loads of cakes and bought cheap drinks at makro type places and sold them at break and lunch times

Put jars around the school to collect coppers (amazing how quickly this adds up!)

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some good and cool ideas


some good and cool ideas

stop it :oops:

get a job:whistling::whistling:

selling stuff u dont use anymore is a good way

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Do u ave 2 ask the supermarket for permission to do bag packing ???

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and is it easy to getvouchers from local shops ???
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