ways to speed up laptop.

    hi can anyone tell me ways in which i could speed up my laptop, for the last few days it seems to of got really slow, its taking longer than normal to load web pages and my webpages keep freezing and saying not responding so i have to close all webpages then re open them. ive tried clearing cookies, temp files but hasnt made a difference, im no good with computers so havent got a clue what else i could try. i am off to bed now but i will check back in the morning, thanks to anyone who replies.


    Get rid of any toolbars and "Browser Helper Objects" you may have picked up.

    Check for programmes that check for updates - some do it a lot less elegantly than others.

    Use Task Manager to check if programmes or processes are using lots of resources.

    Check the amount of memory you have. Windows XP with antivirus seems to need 1G to function properly nowadays.

    You may have picked up something nasty along the way; have a look at the self-help forums at - I've successfully used them a few times.

    the best way to get your laptop to go faster is to throw it out of a high window.but really if you can reinstall the os after backing up important data


    get a tool like tune up utilities

    maybe increase your ram also
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    thanks for the replys will try some of the things, i cant see it being any programmes as i havent installed any on it really since i bought it, i only use it for the net, i dont download anything, play games etc

    Web pages?

    Restart your router, move the laptop closer (if it's wireless)...

    try some of the above first then do a system restore to when the laptop was working ok.

    Start Menu > Run/Search > type 'cleanmgr.exe' (Disk Cleanup)
    Give that a whirl to clean out all those unwanted temporary files.


    Stick a lightweight stripped down linux installation on it.
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