WC Football Shirts - Where to buy?

    Looking for cheap, good quality fake world cup shirts. Spain if possible.

    Can anyone recommend a good place to buy one - a good online store that you have used.

    Don't want to spend £60 on a real one when you can get something 99% similar for £20.




    Hmm a 'good' online store, that sells fake merchandise...


    try ebay, there was some kid selling footie shirts from thailand

    Original Poster

    Yeah ebay might be an option, thanks.

    Surely, someone here must have bought through an online store though? is great and they take paypal!

    a real one is sixty quid?? surely not


    do a google search i know theres blokes in thailand that sell this kind of stuff so they can stay sure a few have sites set up as ebay takes em off


    Original Poster

    Hey, thanks for all the help so far.

    Yes it is very easy to find some cheap site to buy fake shirts... but I was hoping someone could recommend an online shop they have bought from themselves and can vouch for.

    TOOLULA, have you bought from before?


    Hi yes many times!
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