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Found 16th May
Hi all,

Looking at some options for a home network storage and media streaming. Is the MyCloud good enough?

My main use cases are just file backups, access to all files no matter what machine I use and media streaming.

Some questions:
- Will I be able to download files directly to the drive rather than download to PC/Mac and then transfer the downloaded file to the drive?
- I have an Apple TV 4K with the infuse app, which can supposedly transcode content on the device. So is the MyCloud sufficient for holding at least 1080p content to be used with infuse?

Or do I have to go for a more expensive dedicated NAS option (something I’d rather avoid as I’ve not really experienced the pros/cons of a NAS setup before)?
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Its great for a home network but useless for external access. I download directly to it and the drive is fully accessible over WiFi by any device.
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