WD Red or Tosh N300?

Posted 31st Jan
Anybody with any thoughts. Would you pick one over the other. Are the Tosh's that noisy?
Reading Backblazes HDD Failure reports for the last few years indicates unanimously in tosh's favour for reliability.
It's for nothing more than media really. Am thinking about two 8Tb drives to go in an Asustor 5202 and looking for a reason not to buy the better pound per Tb Toshs.

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I've got 4 x 8tb Toshiba N300 in a Synology NAS. 2 were DOA and had to be replaced but they've now been solid for 10322 hours (just checked).

Only observation is they are LOUD compared to the WD Red 4TB drives they replaced, however the Toshiba are 7200RPM and the WD Reds are 5400 so not a great comparison.
Thanks for your reply.
Volume is a consideration, as for the foreseeable the NAS will live in the living room with little option to store it in a cupboard or some such.
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