WDTV and Windows 7 firewall

    I know a few people on here own WDTV's so thought i would ask.

    I have put it in the bedroom now it's been replaced by my Revo, but the only way i can get the network shares to work on it is to turn the firewall off, obviously i don't want to do that.

    The folders are set to share in Win7, and work perfectly on xbmc, and the WDTV is an 'allowed' device. It's literally just the firewall that's the problem, i can't add the WDTV to the firewall as i can only see 'add a program' which it's not. Is there any way to add an IP address to the firewall exceptions? I tried googling but it didn't seem possible

    Thanks in advance

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    create a custom rule, you can define a source IP address and scope (private LAN in your case)
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