WDTV Live or Playon!HD mini

    Just looking for some advice. I am in the market for a .mkv player, that also connects to my home network. I think I have narrowed it down to these two. I have seen the Revo, but think want an out-of-the-box solution.

    Has anyone used them both? The WDTV Live looks good because the UI looks to be family friendly, and the B-Rad firmware looks to make it more... more. The Playon!HD mini looks good because of the potential YAMJ application.

    Stuck because they both are within a few pounds of each other, but would appreciate some feedback and reasons why you might have bought whichever one. Thanks


    I didnt even know there was custom firmware but if I thought about it it was bound to exist.

    I bought the WDTV Live on the Dell deal and I am stunned. Its small, works well, is pretty quick and streams movies (inc HD), photos and music from my QNAP NAS faultlessly. It just works and is so unobtrusive, my other half didnt even see it until she realised the dvd player was off! I havent used the other peice of kit but I can highly recommend the WDTV.

    Good luck in choosing.

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    Thanks, repped for your troubles.

    Does the WDTV Live show a summary of videos automatically i.e. are they downloaded/can they be downloaded on the fly?

    I quite like the idea of a summary and images of each film as I browse a folder
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