WDTV LIVE / Windows 7 and HD content sharing problems

    I have just bought the Dell Vostro 430 (super hot deal in the last 2 weeks). I also have the WDTV live hooked up to my TV.

    With my old XP Dell Inspiron 5150 sharing was a doddle. The WDTV unit quickly found and played my video files from the PC, including my HD content (MKVs etc).

    Setting up sharing with the Windows 7(64 bit) Dell has not been so easy. Took sometime to get the unit to find the shared folders. Managed to get things shared eventually, but the files on the internal hard drive (1 terabyte HD) didn't appear compared to files on my external Iomega drive( hooked up to the PC via USB).

    However got the internal drive sharing after some fiddling. Sadly my HD content won't play apart from a couple of files. They played fine when using my old XP Dell. The WDTV unit sees the files but says the media type is unplayable I have tried googling the problem, aparently something to do with WINdows 7 and media player settings.
    I have followed instructions and installed codec packs but still won't play the files. i think the files play fine if I hook a drive directly to the WDTV unit .(They play via VLC/Zoom player on the Vostro), but this is not how I want to set things up.

    Any advice on how to get this working? I have a LINKSYS WRT610 router that allows connection of HDs for sharing or I could just buy an enclosure for my Terabyte drive and hook up to the WDTV unit.(or just get a new Terabyte ext drive) Surely there is a simple way to get the unit to play from an internal HD on my new rig?( Tversity was mentioned in one thread)

    Another issue. Any new content that I add to the shared folders / library doesn't show up automatically on the WDTV live. the content shows up after fiddling with it on the PC, not sure exactly what I did. Weird?

    Thanks for any help.


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    :?Anybody have the same problems?

    Can't help with your problem but there's a lot of info over on AV forums specific to the WDTV.…tml

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    Thanks Blobbyrob. For some reason the next day I was able to play my MKV files from the PC. I checked and they also work from a connected USB drive to the WDTV unit. During my attempts to fix I installed Tversity. Tversity and MKVs wouldn't work either(WDTV says unplayable format).

    My other problem is any new files added to the shared folders don't appear on the WDTV unit immediately. This seems to randomly get fixed when I change settings, but not sure what I did to get it working.

    I am gradually plowing through the AVforums thread, lots of useful info in there.
    I might try changing the GUI next, although worried I may cause more harm than good. lol
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