We Have Snow!!!

    Ok so its raining too but we are having huge snowflakes coming down right now.

    Any where you are?

    P.S - We hardly ever get snow in Thrapston


    None here and dry, Cardiff.

    We are unlikely to have snow in Liverpool. It seems to pass us by

    We had a little fluttering the other night in Scotland.

    None here. ******* down of rain :x

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    We've had rain all day too but just popped out and noticed the snowflakes - pity it wont settle for the kids to see in the morning!

    Pretty much snowed in here again in Co. Durham!!

    Dry and cold in Lichfield Staffs:santa:

    Quite a chunk of it in Lincoln :-) this is how much we have after 90 mins of it starting, the sky is really light now as well

    just started here in Hull. wooo hooo snow men tomorrow.

    Nice and wet here even though we're only like 20 miles away :?

    my 4 yr old was watching the weather this evening and heard there would be heavy snow, but very upset as he wouldn't be able to play with it as not very strong.

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    Nice and wet here even though we're only like 20 miles away :?

    Northampton usually get it and we dont so pretty strange!
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