Found 14th Jan 2009
We need a good house phone, cordless,digital with answering machine, anyone got any ideas.

Our old one has just about had it, i have looked on hotdeals for a deal on a good phone, but i fail to see any that really stand out.



These are great.…ho/

Bought them last year (unfortunately not at this price) watch for deal coming back or check with Dixon's etc.

Hello just thought I'd let you know I bought Phillips idect digital phones with answer phone it comes with two handsets and are hd! Fantastic phones they are on amazon if you type in the search Phillips idect hd phones they will appear for 58 pounds but if you go into new and used they are 28 plus 6.99 delivery they retail from anything between 129 in Argos and 219 from Phillips direct excellent phones hope this helps p.s they have a huge 300 meter range and the second handset doesn't need a phone line attachment i just been on the site i am new to this the phones are Philips ID9372B/05 Sound Cordless Phone - Twin With Answer Machine they are now priced at 88 pounds but again if you go to new and used they are still 28

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Thanks for the replies guys, i have decided on this one:

Panasonic TG8220E Single DECT Telephone Answering Machine

Looks really nice and good price too off amazon.
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