We ordered mud from Germany. What crazy things are you ordering during Lockdown?

Posted 20th AprEdited by:"harrythefish"
Just checked the Amazon account I share with the Mrs and she's ordered some soil on Amazon, for planting. It comes from Germany! I guess this was after we found that no garden centre or DIY store is offering delivery slots anymore.

What unlikely things have you found yourself ordering?
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A solar fountain pump, and I will be building my own fountain
2 x Chromecast Audio...
colour light bulbs tv light lol all crap
Not during the lockdown but like you had things go on long trips, ordered a £7 cafeteria that wason here from amazon a few years back with prime. It came through all of the amazon hubs, Italy to Spain, then on to Germany and to here. Opened it up and smashed, they sent a replacement did the same journey. Lot of air miles that obviously aren’t great and it must have cost them more to ship the thing.
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