We turn onto runway 22, establish our take off roll, then this happens.

    Needless to say it frightened the hell out of those sitting below and just around it.

    Now yes they're fairly old, but...


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    Oh boy. i would be wanting off!



    Oh boy. i would be wanting off!

    Me too. Planes frighten the hell out of me - even though Ive flown hundreds of times.

    i can't wait to get off the plane once it has landed anyway!! i'm ok while in the air etc, but the waiting in the plane to get off makes me really agitated!!
    welcome back emasu did you have a good time?

    well thats just and plane and simple fail (sea wat i did guaise)

    (for those that didn't, the op was on a a plane, so I used the word plane as and adjective instead of a noun to come up with a funny 1 liner)


    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^How to kill a thread.

    Good job you weren't actually needing that oxygen, from what I've read about the France de-compression 'incident'.:x


    And you used the word sea instead of see and guaise instead of guys … And you used the word sea instead of see and guaise instead of guys because you are lousy at spelling:whistling:


    bump for my joke on post 6.

    that probably wont scare the air india passengers. Air India always has problems,once flew a plane with the safety masks down for the entire flight. They once put auto flight on the whole way and it took them to a wrong destination.

    Ouch, not nice.

    Its funny isnt it, the pilot does very little flying a plane. They train for years on how to fly them, but when they actually do it, its autopilot all the way! Even for landing!
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