we will buy your car and the like anyone ?


    Has anyone had any experience of selling their car to places like this ?

    What was you experience of them ? Are they any good ?

    Thanks in advance


    They'll find every dent and offer you £10, £20 if you buy one of their overpriced pos's. So i've heard.

    I woulden't

    My brother had his car valued over the net by "we buy any car", and they offered a price he was happy with, he took it down and even the car was is good condition they tried to knock the price down - he refused so the "phonecall to the manager" took place and he got a bacs payment for the full amount.

    the best way to lose more cash than you absolutely have to IMO

    I wouldn't touch we buy any offered me a ridiculously low price for car a couple of years ago better going to a car auction

    Original Poster Banned

    hmm thanks for your opinions - very mixed , think i might try pistonheads / autotrader first


    hmm thanks for your opinions - very mixed

    What thread are you reading:? :lol:
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