Found 24th Jun 2008
My poor deaf and blind cat finally gave in to the dreaded big c today, we will miss her very much. I have only looked after her for the last 3 months but grew very close to her.
I know some will say that she was 'only a cat' but she was part of our family.
She had a good life even with her disabilities and she was still happy right to the very end.
R.I.P Tabby xxxxx

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oh sorry! really sorry its sad when you lose anyone..

Awww Skusey I'm sorry, I dread the day I have to say goodbye to my little bundle of fluff.


Not only a cat.

Sorry about your loss xxx


Really sorry to hear this. One of my dogs died less than a year ago and I still miss her everyday. Think of the good memories.

Its not only a pet, its part of your family, and the people that do say it, need to experience being a animal owner.
So sorry matey x


Sorry to hear that, I admire you for what you did

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Sorry to hear that, I admire you for what you did

thank you, i wont be getting any more pets

We lost Oliver in April he was with us for 18 years i understand your loss and send you best wishes, Take care


awwwww sad, at least you gave her a warm and loving time

i'm so sorry for your loss :-( one of my pups died a couple of weeks ago & i still get upset thinking about it...


thank you, i wont be getting any more pets

give it time & never say never...


Oh I'm sorry to hear that. I know how it feels to loose a family member, lost rabbit a year a go and he still missed, Got another one now thou (but does not replace Harry) and he is currently streatch out very comfortalby at the top of the stairs!!!

Awwwww........... so very sorry about your Tabby skusey, lots of hugs going out to you :friends:

Sorry for your loss Skusey.
Now post us one of your best jokes.


We Lost our dog about a month back, had a really bad cough and turned out to be tumors in her throat :-(

sorry to hear that skusey, they become part of the family so quickly and im sure she was gratefull for the 3 months that you looked after her

Sorry to hear that. I remember losing my cat from the same thing. It's really hard coz some people don't understand. You have to think of all the love you gave each other. You never forget. xx

So sorry to hear this Skusey ... at least she spent her last few months with someone who loved her. I feel for you mate I lost my cat a few years ago & I still miss him

I'm so sorry to hear of your loss.
It took me 2 years to replace my little dog as i said I would never go through that again, but I missed the company and love that they give and I'm sorry now that I waited so long.
I hope that in time you will be able to give a loving home to another pet. xxx

aww at least you made her happy in her last few months

I'm sure she is already in kitty heaven
Lost my dog of 9 years to cancer.. you really do feel like you have lost a member of your family, the important thing is that you made her last few days on the earth as pleasant as can be. Nice one bud

My parents dog is 15 and on her last legs, shes having problems standing a lot and has had a few infections often her legs just give out and she slides and cant stand and needs to have a hand in and out of car, she also seems to be forgetting things like she goes to my bedroom despite me not living tjhere for 5 and a half years

The other day my parents told me she waked behind a gap in the trees but couldnt get out and was crying a lot.

I really love my dog, more than myself a lot and see her as a little sister, id sell my tv and 360 and work for a month 12 hours a day just to give her a bit longer to live.

i lost my rabbit last year, i know how it feels, amazing how attached you can get to animals
im sure your cat enjoyed its time with you
sorry for your loss
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