Weak Wireless Signal, Turning On and Off??

    I have Sky broadnband 16mb i get about 12mb on my computer (wired connection), but on my sisters pc she gets about 5mb at best and its turns on and off very often and keeps re-connecting its about 3 metres away, same with my PS3 though it disconnects less the her pc the signal is still very week 55% max, we changed the wireless dongle on her pc still no affect, could it be my router? its a standard Sky one and it was replaced about 7 months ago due to the other one breaking, are there any setting i could change?? any help is appricated thanks.


    If the PC is running XP, try running TCP Optimizer.
    Also, try changing the wireless channel on the router and PC, you may be getting inteference from a neighbour.

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    yeah boths pcs are on xp, i dont have a wep key or any security on my network, could this cause a problem to the signal?


    Stupid to not have security, could be dropping due to neightbours using … Stupid to not have security, could be dropping due to neightbours using the connection.I refuse to answer anything else in this thread until security is set up, waste of time otherwise.

    He's right, you need to set up the security on the router.
    When you've done that change the channel on the router and PC.
    Also, run ]TCP Optimizer

    Also if you run static addressing it solves a lot of dropout issues :thumbsup:
    Helped with my o2 router.

    change the channel your using.

    I'd go for changing the channel too - you should setup security but it doesn't hurt to get it working properly without first or you might be just adding more problems into the mix.

    You can see if anyone is using it without you knowing by looking at the list of currenty connected hosts on the router.


    edit - oh & do a search to see if there is a newer firmware version for your model router too.

    IF you decide to change the channel use either 1, 6, or 11 as they are the 3 non-overlapping channels, I would advise security too.
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