Wearing contacts after extended break

    Its been about 1.5 years since I last wore my contact lenses (Since I got my new glasses), I would like to wear them for an event next Friday if possible.

    Would there be any problems apart from the fact I'll probably have to 'break them in' again? (i.e. wear a few hours a day)

    They are the hard permanent type rather than dailys.



    When was your last contact lense eye test?

    depends if you can still see through em. I would go with an hr, then 2hrs etc, during this week to get used to em again.

    no problem whatsoever so long as your eyes haven't got worse and no you wouldn't have to 'break them in' again - i would recommend that you use a fresh pair though - lol

    your eyes might need to adjust to them again but apart from that it should be fine

    Leave them to soak for 24 hrs in clean solution before you wear them again - even clean them with protein remover tablets and the stuff that comes in the tiny bottles if you've got any. Might need to rub them for a while in between your fingers in the solution to get hard lenses to feel comfy again - especially if (like me) you've let the solution in the storage pot dry out! Might feel a bit weird at first (mine felt weird after 3 weeks when I couldn't wear them) so I would 'wear them in' before the big event to make sure it won't be a disaster on the day!
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