wearing rings of different strengths/densities together

    is it ok to wear rings of different strengths together?
    point in case a Tungsten wedding band with an 18ct white gold engagement ring?

    Im having a Tungsten band and the OH would like to match but is worried about a tungsten band damaging here white gold engagement ring.


    When we got our wedding rings we were told that if you have different carat gold together the harder ring will wear away the softer one. My wife had to have 18 carat wedding ring to go with 18 carat engagement ring. I just had a 9 carat band

    There will be a difference, one being harder than the other, but unless they come under some serious duress, nothing significant will happen in your lifetime. I've got two 18carat gold (wedding & engagement) with a 9carat eternity. The jewelers said it's pretty much the norm to mix and match nowadays. One thing to note though - I can tell the difference, visibly the golds are quite different, I imagine this will be the case for you too.

    yes the 9 carat is harder than 18 carat and will wear it away if you wear them together. should be same if wearing two or more rings together. Same as a necklace, if you have 9 carat pendant on an 18 carat chain it will wear, needs to go on a 9 carat chain.

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    Ok thanks guys ill get an 18ct band for her and a tungsten for me

    And WTP, tungsten has never been seen as a precious metal. However tungsten carbide is one of the hardest wearing metals you can get and being a practical person i would quite like my ring to retain its polish.
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