Weather for the week

    Well the start of the week will have quite a few showers with a east west split with more rain in the west it will gradually get warmer as the week goes on with the low pressure system moving north temperatures should get up to about 18 by Friday with the weekend looking ok at the moment


    I'll check the weather out by looking out of the window every morning......:) but thanks for letting me know! :thumbsup:

    You smoking man?


    You smoking man?

    yeah he smokin some good stuff whatever it is....coz he's defo somewhere up in the clouds :lol: :-D

    Original Poster


    You smoking man?

    Nope just thought people would be appreciated of the info


    You can check ]local weather here

    I dont need to mikebike lives down the road from me and he just gave me it in the OP
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