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    I'm on the committee for the pre-school my son goes to and was hoping my BIL would be able to help create a web site for them but he has no free time over next couple of months. We are really trying to improve things and feel as this would be first port of call for most people searching in the area its pretty important!

    How easy would it be to set up? I'm not a complete novice as far as the pc and internet go but have no idea where to begin with this sort of thing. What sort of cost is involved in setting this up and where would I start?!

    Any help would be really appreciated


    TBh this could be as costly as you want to make it. Your best bet if you have some pc knowledge is to look at some online guides to website building. You can do a very basic website in something like frontpage or even Publisher believe it or not - my first college webpage was all done in Publisher lol. Yes if you want a more fancy one then better packages are out there.

    As for hosting though im outta touch with that so cant advise.

    TBH if you havent got a lot of funds then i wouldnt go pro as it will cost you an arm and a leg. Dont you know any local college students who need a bit of practice for their CV ?

    Somebody gave a link to [url][/url] earlier today.

    How about using them for starters and see how you get on. Its free to start and then after having a bit of a dabble you should have a better idea of which direction you should go.

    For hosting, you're probably looking at around £10 per month, and £3 per year for a domain.

    So, £123 per year for the site hosting+domain.

    As for the actual site, it'll cost as much as your designer is going to charge. As above, uni students would be up for it, although they would most likely want a fee - You might get away with £10 p/h (I wouldn't do it, but someone might). Looking more towards £15-20 per hour for development I would think.

    Depends really.

    the price will vary greatly depending on what you require:
    1) is it purely a few pages with typed information?
    2) does the web developer need to create all the graphics?
    3) does it have many pages?
    4) are you wanting fancy flash gizmos or does it need to access a database to get then present information?

    now depending on if the preschool charges a fee, it is fair to offer payment in return of web development. so it would be wise to pressure management to pay up if that is the case. time is what a web developer sells, so spending a few days or so doing a website and possibly committing themselves to supporting and updating the website in the future means sacrificing paid work.

    another option might be approaching parents of the children and ask, or offer free child care for the work

    you could also try google sites (web pages) and google apps (email calendar etc), it is a free service, all you need to do is buy a domain, which can be relatively cheap. they have simple templates on there which will allow you to throw a site together quickly, easily, and somewhat professionally.

    google sites:
    google apps for education link:…tml
    google apps for non profit:…tml

    Original Poster

    1) is it purely a few pages with typed information?
    2) does the web developer need to create all the graphics?
    No, really just want actual photo's of the setting
    3) does it have many pages?
    4, maybe 5 at most I would think
    4) are you wanting fancy flash gizmos or does it need to access a database to get then present information?
    No, just something basic and ideally something which as a committee we could update ourselves iyswim

    Genuine thanks for all your advice, I wasnt sure where to start but you've been really helpful

    I will check out all link tomorrow when I'm more awake :thumbsup:

    Thanks again

    Dependant on what you need, I would be able to help. Have some experience in website building and design. Drop me a PM. (I am currently a Uni student doing my masters (just finished a computer science degree), so if its a fancy website you want the I probably will not be able to help much as I dont have loads and loads of free time).

    Original Poster

    Thanks spic

    I'm going to check out the links above tomorrow, dont want anything fancy and tbh I'd love to be able to have a go at doing this myself but I will def drop you a pm, thank you

    pick up a well documented wordpress template for somewhere like (around $30)
    1 Years hosting from with address (around $70)

    Advice from MinstrelMan (priceless) :lol:

    Seriously though, the help files and documentation you get from is second to none, you littlerally don't need any web knowedge, its all step by step, blue host even have the 1 click wordpress setup.

    The beauty of wordpress is that its based upon a blogging structure, so you don't need any knowledge to add/remove/ammend information contained within the site, its all web based so you don't need any additional applications.

    google sites is a nice simple way do it from the answers you gave before. you'd be able to do it from home even!

    the steps would be:
    1) register a domain name: say
    2) setup an account on - free dns servers and add
    3) point to the name servers zoneedit says to
    4) setup a google sites website
    5) then follow the below instructions get pointing to your free google sites website

    i recommend using zoneedit over your domain registrars dns servers because you maintain better control in the long run and the registrar could be a dork about things

    more details about google sites here:…tml

    instructions on how to point a domain name to google sites:…faq

    i have run a large number of websites (currently only 8 personal) and run a couple hosting companies (until i moved to europe), and the steps i mentioned above (except number 4) are identical for google sites or a paid hosting provider. personally, id go for google sites over any other free providers simply because googles infrastructure and reliabiliy will crush any other company. the compramise is you wont get many features - which you said you dont need anyway.
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