Web design - CSS assistance please?

    Bonjour, yours truely again.

    Quick question - I'm wanting to create a shadowed border around my main container in an XHTML page, however the content is variable, so I can't really make a static/repeating background.

    I'm pretty sure it can be done in CSS, but can't remember how.

    Anyone know?

    If I'm not clear, check out the website, it has a perfect example of what I'm looking to do (screenshot coming)



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    Left side of the container has a lovely shadowed border, this of course carries around and also continues to the bottom and back up again:

    Hoping this isn't just a background, but I find it unlikely.

    *Edit* Been searching but not really found anything. It's looking like I might just need to cheat a little, but still holding out

    What software are you using?

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    What software are you using?

    Just using a text editor (well, using MS Expression Web 3 now, but still, doing it by hand). Also have photoshop to hand.

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    This should help... … This should help... you want to do it in css3 -

    Thanks I'll check those out now


    Thanks I'll check those out now

    just so u know... css3 is still in it's early days and is not supported on all browsers..

    this link shows you a brief overview of what will work etc...…72/

    Best to try and do it with images if u can! good luck! :thumbsup:

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    It's looking like we'll have to leave it (suits me fine tbh, another guy in the group was leaning towards it, so I'll hopefully talk him out of it ;)). Thanks all.

    *Edit* I made the shadow myself and added it in, so it's all fine now, thanks for the help anyway guys.
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