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Found 17th Jun 2010
Hi, I'm looking for a new host for my site. I've already got my domain, but I want to leave 1and1 Internet and want to transfer my domain elsewhere asap (I actually have two to move, but one is pretty urgent). Do you know of any good deals around at the moment? Ideally, I'd like e-commerce, but it's not essential right now. It's more important that the host is a doddle to work with as I'm not too up on these things.

If it allows me to design my site using their software that would be great. However, if you know of other design software worth using that's on a great deal at the moment, please let me know. Like the host site, it will also need to be newbie-friendly.



why do you need to move? cost? service? What is your main reason? Currently with 1and1 and have been have 2 years. Depending on site, I can give you some free hosting space?

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They've been messing about with my billing so much, and owed me money for months, and the fight has left a very bitter taste in my mouth. Now the issue's finally been resolved, I want to go elsewhere in case the whole rigmarole starts again.

I need the space to promote my music and other performance work, and may need e-commerce facilities at a later date. For now, I want something I can work on myself with no ties & money-grabbing ?*&$£$"W+)% like 1and1 on my back, so any recommendations/suggestions would be helpful.

I think my 1and1 package (1and1 home) does not provide e-commence facilties (correct me if I'm wrong) but you dont need that for now anyway.

I can give you your own log in for my server for free if that helps (although, it is 1and1 like I say!)

I Use UK2.net Never had any problem with them, their support line is fantastic. I had a span issue that I didnt know how to sort, I e-mailed the support staff and within 15 mins my issue was resolved!
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