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Found 29th Nov 2010
DD wants to host her website on the internet as per title really. Her knowledge is pretty limited and mine is much far behind!
She's created her website and done all the technical design elements on Dreamweaver, but she's yet to host it.
DD wants to be quite independent with this and apart from some advice, she wants to set it up and pay for the hosting herself. I for a fact know, that her pocket money fund is dwindling rapidly.
I have a feeling this will be something she'll get bored of and grow out of, so any free domains would be ideal (even if they're quite complicated and limited)
Ta x
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I use one.com

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http://www.000webhost.com/free hosting

Then, if she wants, for a few pounds you can get a .com or .uk address and redirect it to the free web hosting.

Small independant guy, great customer support.
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