Web Hosting - help and advise needed

    my vidahost account is due for renewal and i would need to pay. if i choose not to pay, and lose my account with Vidahost, do i still keep my domains? or do i lose them forever? i am not in a position to create the websites i wanted to at the moment so dont want to pay for hosting until i have time to do the websites, but i dont want to lose my domain names...


    are you sure you can just not pay? a lot of providers ask for 30 days notice before cancellation

    with my website, my package and domains are seperate, so i wouldnt lose the domain names - you'd just have to transfer them (im with heart internet - yours might be different)

    Domains are registered seperatly, are for 2 years, and .com for one year (as standard but you can register for longer). Your hosting is paid yearly / monthly so you could not pay the hosting but keep the domain.

    You would need to get your host (vidahost) to change the IPS tag of the domains to your new provider. Then your new host can move them across to your new hosting.
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