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Found 19th Feb

Just wondering who you would recommend for hosting.
I'm currently with TSOHost and have around 10 GB diskspace and 5 domains.

10GB is the miniumum I need, ideally more than that would be better.
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I hear good things about square space... Just what I hear on tech podcast as I don't use them myself. I use WordPress.com but that's no good for you
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Thanks I'll take a look
Unlimited domains; unlimited web hosting / websites; unlimited email hosting; SSD; cpanel; UK-based 24/7 support; inclusive SSL; etc about £36+VAT / yr bestwebhosting.co.uk/
ecohosting.co.uk - Used them for a couple of years, and the service is great and the price is even better.
I'm still looking brixly.uk seem to be getting some good reviews. But are they to good to be true ?
TSOHost are OK but the price has gone up to £59.99
Any other suggestions ?
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