web site for Amazon bargains

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Found 16th Jul 2009
Does anyone know the website for Amazon bargains

I know its got "007" in the URL but I cant remember what it is



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sorry not that one

it's just a web site showing bargains on amazon and th corresponding prices on ebay


There is a link to one at the very foot of the page. Tools > ]Amazon Deals.

The Amazon Bargains . com

Low Prices in Electronics, Books, Music, DVDs & more for Smart PeopleTAB
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Why pay more? We bring you a selection of the Amazon bargains, each packed full of great discounts. You'll be able to find many bargains, whether you're a casual browser or a seasoned professional. Never pay full price again! Everyone loves a bargain. Hot DEALS DIGEST at the Amazon Bargain Booksense Finding Marketplace.

Amazon.co.uk Bargains

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This website shows you the Secret Amazon Closeout items that have been marked down by 80% or more.

All YOU have to do is click on any left hand side links to see these items in the 'Used and New'.

SAVINGS GALORE ARE available on the internet site The Amazon Bargains.

This site has many useful items up for grabs, most of which come with a substantial discount.

For example, an Aqccurist MB091N Gents Two Tone Bracelet Watch costs just £49.24, (RRP £150.00), while Sony - Flash memory card (adapter included) - 1 GB - Memory Stick Micro for just £27.70, a saving of £52.29 on the RRP.

This site also features many weird and wonderful items that would be ideal for gifts.

For example, Buying Books Online and Finding Bargains and Saving Money with Amazon Booksense Stores, Amazon Marketplace, and Other Online Sites will save you money.

Love it, hate it or simply baffled by it, it's difficult to ignore the internet bargains these days.

No newspaper or magazine is complete without at least one article explaining how you can do it (whatever 'it' is) compare internet prices better, faster, easier or cheaper on the internet.

It's imposible to complete an evening's TV viewing without being bombarded by advertisements to visit Dot Com website for the latest discounts and more information.

And conversatin in the pub (or bar), street and workplace are dominated by talk of the "it's cheaper online" - you can get early booking bargain or travel bargain or flight bargains.

But what about Hot Deals from UK or US? How can the internet help you to get a hot deal, and how is this likely to develop and change in the months and years to come?

Well the old crystal ball is a little dusty, but a handful of factors and trends are clear.

We all know that AMAZON Book Store is the BIGGEST book store online in the World.

The first thing the internet does is to spread price awareness over a much wider area than was previously possible. At the click of a mouse button, you can see what people in other countries and continents are paying for the same products and services.

The effect of this is to put pressure on retailers charging higher prices. You can get away with over charging when nobody knows better, but once it's brought into the open, the rip-off merchants are forced to bring prices down or go out of business.

Even with your own country or area, the internet allows you (bargain hunter) to compare prices much more easily and quickly than would be possible by making personal visits or phone calls.

The effect on high charging companies is the same. For many high ticket items, like cars, expensive jewellery etc... the internet has changed the nature of competition from local or national to global.

Looking for a Gold Rolex? Well now it's just as easy to buy over the internet from a country where prices are relatively low, as it is to visit your local high street retailer and pay those inflated prices.

A more fundamental change which is set to develp further over the next few months and years i sthe move from fixed prices to fluid prices.

There are many sites that allow you - bargain hunter to post your requirements for a new car, and then the site emails dealers invitng them to submit their best price.

Can you see what a major shift this is? The balance of power moves very clearly from the seller, who must now bid for the business, to the buyer, who can sit back and wait for the offers to come in.

This is so powerful that I think we can expect to see many more sites like this springing up and dealing in a wide range of high value items.

Another exciting development is the use of the internet to pool the buying power of consumers to drive down prices. For example, Letsbuyit.com puts together group of consumers looking to buy the same product.

By bulk buying, they are able to bring down the price. Previously, you would have had to form some kind of co-operative with people you know to achieve the same affect.

And what's the chances that enough of them would want to buy the same product as you, at the same time? So the internet is the panacea we've all been looking for then? Well, not quite.

You see, in the long term, companies trading on the internet (like the Amazon, tesco, asda walmart, Youtube) have to face the same harsh economic realities as every other company.

They have to make a profit, and very few of them are actually doing that at the moment. They are buying business, and that's why many of the deals on offer look so good.

They're all working on future projections, and the money men are going along with it. But it doesn't take a genius to see that there will be a massive shakeout (probably, its already happening) at some point in the not too distant future.

And when the dust settles, far fewer big players will be left, and their concern will have moved from building market share, to making big profits.

So take full advantage of what's on offer on the internet now. While it's likely to remain a significant force for gaining hot deals, we might well look back on this period now, when internet retailers are desperate to build their nline business, as the golden era. Make the most of it.

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