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    right so ive got my site hosting, a few domains, can ftp into it but cant remember what i need to put to point the stuff to the seperate sites. do i just create a new folder for each site(apart from main) and place all the files(ie index.html) in each one? Do i have to name it something particular?

    Also ive just gone to play around doing a site but noticed frontpage isnt installed (i know people dont like FP but its what ive always used). Dont FP come with office 2007? i had it when i had the old office, could i install fp2003 on its own from my old office cd's? getting used to office07 now even though didnt like it at first

    yikes sorry for all the questions, was only meant to be one lol:oops:

    thanks in advance



    Naw there is no Frontpage 2007, they've killed it off. About time too as far as I'm concerned it's even worse than Dreamweaver for ignoring Web Standards.

    As far as the separate sites thing goes, do you mean you have separate domain names you want to point at different folders? The name of the default files and the order they're looked for is server dependant, some will pick up index.html first, some default.html, some index.asp, some index.php etc. it all depends how it's set-up.

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    thanks for replying,

    when i signed up i was allowed 3 domain names, so i want to create 3 sites but cant remember how to seperate them? (as they all run from one dont they?)

    does that make sense ? lol

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    i had added the folders but hadnt told the servers to look there:oops: , last time i done one it was with the isp free ones and was all ready set up for the 2 domains.


    It depends on what you paid for. One lot of webspace or one per domain?
    And yes, you can unfortunately still use Frontpage 2003 with your existing install of Office 2007...just get your old disks out and install that one part.

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    i think it was 1 lot of webspace :s was an offer posted on here, strato, only £1 for the year lol, just wanted something to play around on.

    unfortunatley il install frontpage2003 then to play with then if it can go solo lol,

    im only a novice really so what i like about it is you can have it on split screen and i can use the menus to create it and see the code at the same time and pick up the html along the way, then in some parts i can add in the code instead of using the menus.

    Ahhhh so you want a WYSIWYG editor, give this a go: ]http//nv…php (availible in Windows, Linux and Mac flavours).

    It should be noted that even though NVU is much more compliant to web standards than Frontpage this is still not a good way to learn HTML as you will likely pick up some bad practices. If you're serious about learning you should look at the tutorials here ]http//ww…om/ as coding like Frontpage would get you shot by anyone who knows their stuff.

    Also look here: for examples of good standards compliant design, and here: for examples of the power of CSS . Now run along and don't let me catch you using tables for layout a la Frontpage :thumbsup: :giggle: .

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    nice one, thanks for the links will check them out, oops i had used a table (that was the fault of the clait classes i done once :oops: ) i did use css though to keep the same styles throughout.
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