web site position in search engines relative to url?

    If I had a web site called and someone typed in "big red trucks" in a search engine; would my site stand a very good change of being top of the list simply because the url matches the search requirements exactly?



    yes you would stand a good chance as the words typed in, are in the actual domain name. hotukdeals is a good example for hot uk deals


    Yes, this is probably one of the highest points within rankings.

    yeah of course you would
    just try typing the URL of other sites to see!!!

    Original Poster

    Great thanks
    Would I need to do anything special in the html for the search engines?

    Didnt for a website i once had, with a fairly unique name didnt even get in the 1st few pages, thought it went on other criteria??? Im no expert tho someone on here will know exactlyhow they work

    ive just tried for my new website
    yahoo said it didnt exist
    so any help would be appreciated
    google cant seem to find it either even if i type in the whole address without www.

    any help would be appreciated

    I thought that if you included Meta tags within the page or HTML page that should increase rankings, as isnt it data about the page?…ta=


    Yes, this is probably one of the highest points within rankings.


    A keyword in a domain says nothing about the quality of the content on the site - it’s something that anyone can manipulate in an instant and at very low cost.

    It can help in an overall SEO strategy. Content is King!

    The wording of your url does boost your ranking but you do need relevant meta tags, the content (text on pages) should be relevant, also the page title helps too. All being relevant to each other. And submit to google and yahoo and dmoz, can take anything from a week to month+ to start appearing in top pages, also having other sites who link to you help search engines verify your authenticity.

    Get into bed with Google is a great little book, and explains the concepts behind SEO, particularly with Google.

    Also SEOSuite v8.0. Analyses your site with respect to search engine optimisation.

    This is a HUGE subject. IMO. :w00t:

    It would stand a better chance than an url without but you still need to do SEO.
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