Webcam confusion!

    Hi, i have put aside some money to buy a webcam and the time has come for me to buy one!

    I have a dilemma, i dont know what one to choose, i can pick a

    1. Logitech C300 Webcam

    2. Microsoft LifeCam VX-6000

    I hope somebody can help me!

    Thank you.


    You may also want to consider ]this one. Very good price for a webcam with autofocus.


    I have the vx-5000, no need for focus or messing with and very good indeed in normal light conditions, most webcams only work in some studio rather than your living room

    go on youtube and type in your webcam number and likely someone has used it to do a review

    Have VX-6000 and is quite decent with good features.


    It's a webcam win cares get any. Basically all the same.

    Yes people on chatroulette aren't too bothered!:giggle:
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