Found 23rd Aug 2008
I'm looking to buy a webcam and microphone so that I can see and talk to my girlfriend whn I go to University in September. I've never really had a webcam before so apart, although I do know alittle about camera's, but there seem so many available i've no idea where to turn.

Also I plan to get an xbox 360 so i'm curious as to whether I can use the microphone headset I get with that for use with a pc?


not sure about xbox but if you are buying a new laptop there's a high chance it has a built in webcam and microphone. Anyway you can find microphone and webcam anywhere. I heard creative is a good brand although price a bit high. Other chinese/hongkong products are very cheap also. You can find a lot of them on ebay.


if you both get an xbox 360 and the camera you can talk away for ages while you look at each other on the big screen.

regards the headset for the 360 being used on the pc use the Wired Controller with a USB cable that connects to the 360 and then connect the wired headset into the controller, make sure you plug it in after you install the drivers (you will need to find the drivers at microsoft)

ive got a phillips one that has seen little use, ill pop a picture on here for u to see tomorrow.

Hey op,

If you find one, please let me know as well. Looking to get one as well!!


get messenger on xbox live :P
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