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Found 8th Sep 2009
I need to order a web cam pretty soon and I need some help as to what to get.
Cash is not an issue, quality is what I need, a good picture and sound. Any saved pennies is a bonus of course, but my main prority is good quality, it's no good to me if the picture and sound are crap.
I am running windows 7 the full version I think whatever you get off technet, I think it's the "full" version now, hubby sorts that.
So any ideas as I am not 100% sure and I need it quite soon, to work mainly on MSN.
Rep as ever to helpers xx

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I have a Logitech 4000 and it's fallen on floor tons of time and I've had it about 7 yrs and it still working,well was other day until my ex partner decided to uninstall the software. I went to Logitech website installed again but am having bother configurating it to work again.
I'm not sure if a new 4000 1 can be bought new as really old model but I would recommend a Logitech one.
On the specs it will say what compatible with like version of Windows etc,it will say what messengers it works with etc,but there shouldn't be any problems.

cant wait........…4_3

some reviews here.
I may well get a new webcam shortly too as I've had mine for so long and myself will be going for another Logitech one and I don't mind spending a bit on it.

this is the one i use never had any probs vid and audio is gr8 its for laptop/notebook]http//ww…277

paid £12.99for it(new)off fleabay

Microsoft vx6000 is good.


Have you not got a camcorder? My Sony mini DV turns into a high quality web cam when plugged in via USB

id recommend a really good clip on

if only it was a strap on

I like my Microsoft VX 5000 personally. Really sharp picture even in fairly low light I found


Yeah maybe, tbh I have not been able to research it all as my head hurts! … Yeah maybe, tbh I have not been able to research it all as my head hurts! I am going to have sleep then go through all the thread and cams later when I feel a bit better and make a decision, if that interests me I will update the thread so you can open a fs/t thread.

Get well quickly then :thumbsup:
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