webhosts that have Ebay Intergration

hi does anyone know any websites that have Ebay intergrated with the package you buy, i know 1+1 as are there any others?



Havent got a clue what you are on about and suspect by the lack of replies, no-one else has.

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have you heard of eshops? making a website that you sell things off, i,m wondering are there any sites that include ebay intergration meaning you can list off you web site items that go onto ebay 1+1 do it for 9.99 a month just asking if there are any other companys that do it


Completely lost me there mate. Try some punctuation to explain yourself better. A 50 word sentence doesn't come across clearly.

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sounds as tho u know nothing about building a website then lol never mind, hopefully someone with knowledge about websites will answer it

Strange thread ?

i kinda know what you mean but im sure it works the other way...you list on ebay and theres code you add to your website so your ebay listings show up

iv seen it some where!
i dont know what its called but i hope this sheds more light on your post ??



I presume thats what you mean?

Never seen anyone else do it sorry

I've not either, although I know how to add your eBay LISTINGS to your website and earn extra commission on sales through eBay too...

I presume that this is the complete opposite of what you want to do though. :-D

I've changed "websites" to "webhosts" in the title to make it clearer.
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