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Posted 23rd Oct
Hi people, I am hoping to set up a website for my business, mainly a sales website. Does anyone know
1. How can I do this without paying monthly fees
2. The best way to design a website
3. Safety and security of online payments

I am pretty good with pc usage etc but not a whizz!!
I have looked at these sites such as wix, go daddy etc etc. But they seam quite expensive?

Any advice greatly appreciated
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Hi Jjdevon. Well, you can't really. If you are doing it professionally that is. You need a 'host' for your website and that costs money. You could do one through your internet provider who sometimes give you a small space to mount a website but they aren't really for business use.

Perhaps others will offer you some more ideas.

Kind regards, Phsy.
You can of course use a piece of software to design your site for free, then upload to a cheap hosting site. Some aren't that expensive - depending on the size and requirement of your website i.e. lots of flashy stuff and a payment portal etc. As others will tell you I'm sure, not all hosting sites are created equal. Some are much better for managing your site but of course they cost more.
Probably the cheapest way to get a professional job done is to get developers in India to create the content for you for not a lot of money.

You can set up the domain name yourself for a yearly fee, although I think most do monthly fees.

I would check out linking to Paypal for your payments.
I use a website called Freewebstore.

It's free (clue's in the name) and you can link a domain name that you have. If you need to, you can upgrade to their premium package. I have no need for this and have a successful online store where I sell small, low value and handmade items for charity.

They automatically use PayPal. If you want, drop me a DM and I'll send you the link to my store so you can see the final product without paying any money.
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The problem with any free solution for business is that there is rarely any SLA or guarantees of minimum quality of service, whereas if the business is paying even a small fee there is an identifiable business relationship. If the business can tolerate potential periods of service outage with zero compensation then it likely doesn't matter, other than compromised credibility in the eyes of existing/potential customers and corresponding loss of current & future trade.
Hi I created my website free and really easy with a company called weebly
Good evening, the answer to your question is yes... to a certain extent. Wordpress is the way forward. Initially it's a blogging platform but you can create beautiful websites and its fully customizable and you are able to install app/widgets on your site like ecommerce etc . If your planning a large scale retail website you will end up paying some sort of monthly fee but if you only have say 1 to 30 items the ecommerce widgets are usually free to use , fully optimised for paypal or card transactions.
Thanks for the input people, I will check these suggestions out
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