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Hi all,
I wanted to know how I could get an advert on my website. For example, I have someone that's seen my website and wants to advertise on it. How can I get them on my site,/what is the process of payments etc?

Thanks in advanced.


Google Adsense is your best bet

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Hi danmc, I'm familliar with google adsense, but I wanted to know how to do it by myself/manually so to speak

You might want to be cautious too: I look after a website or 2 locally here and due to their favourable google position they have attracted the attention of advertisers offering link exchanges, their website appears fine but where they offer to advertise the website and the actual advert they want you to display are often completly different and in this case unsuitable / not equal for the website.

More to the point of the op:
It depends on what you want/need to do.
Is it just a basic banner or text ad?
Or will you have to try and monitor click throughs for payment?

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well it was a question for any kind of ad really, it would be an advertiser paying me to upload their advert on my site, so monitering clicks wouldn't be possible right? Also are these deals common, or is processes like google ads more common?
Thanks in advanced =D.

A simple banner is ousually just an image of the advert, if it links to the advertisers site then it is worth a lot to them as the added link value for Search engines is almost better than what the ad says.
What you charge should depend on how visible your site is and then where the advert is placed within your site in relation to most views/how relative.
Some sites: This crowd show what they cahrge but especially give good examples of banner types.
Lot of general info here too.
And Google
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