Posted 5th Oct 2020
Update 1
We have entered phase 3 today, with grid view shortly becoming unavailable altogether.

We will also be retiring 'compact view' from within the mobile app, for the same reasons.

Thanks to @CRTC who has put together some instructions to get a grid view using browser extensions - I have promoted it to the top comment below.

We are very happy for you to use this, but just as a heads up we won't be developing the site with grid view in mind from now on, and have no responsibility for how the site may look. Also, future product developments might not show up if you use that Grid view, or might even break it.
Hi everyone

We're making a change some of you will notice on hotukdeals over the next few weeks (though most people won't - which is kind of the point ). Currently, we support three different layouts for users browsing the website - List, Compact List and Grid (screenshots at the bottom of this post).

Over the next few weeks, we will be removing the Grid view - and then shortly after, the Compact List view.

Why are we doing this?

Having three separate views means that every improvement we want to design, develop and release takes longer and is more complicated.

This is causing bigger and bigger bottlenecks, so we decided to analyse all Pepper sites to understand the benefits of different views, and how users use them.

Our analysis shows that across the board Grid View is...

  • The least used view - for the UK, where List is the default, only 0.5% use the Grid layout. Across all sites only 14% of users have selected it (vs 57% for List view).
  • Rarely actively chosen - in the countries where List view is default, only 1% of users switch to Grid. Whereas where Grid view is the default, 9% switch to List.
Therefore, as our aim is to reduce the number of views in order to make the platform easier and quicker to improve in future, we decided Grid view was the first that we need to retire.

Why did we have Grid view in the first place?

We must hold our hands up - we made a mistake. The goal of the Pepper global platform - the site template that all Pepper group websites now use - was always to streamline the way we build and improve the websites. Having multiple layouts instead made things pretty complex and inefficient.

We think List view is great though - the deals you find here are packed with information, and whilst we appreciate some users skim through the listings, from our research we found many users take much longer to absorb the content and find what they need. Indeed, Google itself recommends text-heavy platforms use List format for the best possible user experience.

Is list view now compulsory?

Not yet, but soon. Our decision to retire Grid View has been made based on lots of of testing and analysis. While we appreciate it is a change for those of you who are used to Grid View, as a business we cannot continue to support and develop multiple layouts. So Grid View will be retired fully in the coming weeks, but until then you can continue to switch between layouts in order to get used to the List View

What happens next?

Monday 5 October (Today) - anyone who doesn't already use Grid view, will not be able to switch to it

Tuesday 6 October - Existing Grid users will start to be moved to List view on desktop and Compact List view on the hotukdeals App. At this point, they will still be able to toggle back to Grid view if they choose to.

Monday 19 October - Anyone still using Grid view will be moved to List view on desktop and Compact List view on the hotukdeals App, with no option to toggle back

The List view is currently not available on App - once it is, it is likely we will retire Compact List view too, and move everyone to List, for the same reasons as this change.


I know that just because only a small % of users use Grid view doesn't mean it won't be annoying - I'm sure it will. Hopefully you can understand our reasoning for this.


List view


Grid view

Compact List view

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