Website design?

    Anyone any good at designing website? im looking into getting one made, anyone know any good places to look, or know people who design them?


    o/h does web sites

    Whats your budget and what sort of website do you need?

    my brother has his own web design business
    dont know if i can put the link up in here though

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    well im a student at university, im looking for something to show my photography and film work, i already have a domain name which i bought, however just need a website made.

    I'm not to sure budget wise, as i don't really have to much of an idea of how much they cost etc.…gb/

    £9 for a domain and a years hosting. £10 quidco.

    Ideal just to give you a taster imo.

    Theres lots of on-line sites offering free web sites to download . You just import them into your editor and alter them . I downloaded a package years ago with 500 dreamweaver templates , and a site I found offering320 free sites , I downloaded them all too . Some goods too , at least it'll get you started .
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