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    Some people have done it and i want to know also. How to get the details from websites, e.g. who its registered to, domain name, host etc?

    Can anyone help?



    google "whois" and its free so dont let anyone sell you the info.

    For .uk extension domains:


    for others


    though you will need to do a bit more trawling as there are loads of registrars for .com net and org who maintain their own whois databases.

    Has loads of details, not just basic whois



    Follow up on starlet's... Type domain name … Follow up on starlet's... Type domain name goes here...

    Thats pretty good. Wasnt aware of this one and direct info finding!

    Whois does throw up some pretty weird info though!

    For the domain I registered to help with the BEKO and Littlewoods saga (and excluded personal details from searches) it mentions TUCOWS. God knows why. I registered with 123-reg and its hosted with dreamhost.…biz

    EDIT: Ahh... just remembered it was netfirms it was registered with. Maybe they are owned by TUCOWS?
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