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Found 8th Jan 2007
Hi guys

I'm sure like most people we can easily find cheap flights but what always put me off is finding accommodation in europe myself i.e. not booked as a package. I'm not talking hostels but hotels. Is there one main site where you can compare quality, price etc and book them online as this always puts me off when I see a good price flight. Sorry if this sounds stupid and there is a website that everyone knows about...


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I have posted this on the Jet2 hot deal thread but will post again.

I have used venere.com for accommodation bookings in europe.It lists a good variety of hotels from budget to expensive,the price of accommodation,photos,map locations in the city and reviews from people who have stayed there.this gives the hotels a rating.

I booked some budget accommodation in Amsterdam and the descriptions etc where right on the money.The rest of my party were pleased with what i found for the price.

hope this helps:)

when I go on holiday I always DIY it. That means that I will look at various hotels in the area I want to stay in, then I'll filter it by category, location, star rating, and when I am left at the last 3 for example I will look at reviews websites lilke [url]www.tripadvisor.co.uk[/url] or [url]www.holidaytruths.co.uk[/url] and read reviews from people who have visited the same hotel or post a question and ask for advice, this way you will get also some locals (and not tourists - who will know better) advising you on what hotel is best in the area. Good luck and enjoy your holiday!
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