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    Well I'm trying to setup a donations website and was wondering if anyone on here with knowledge of making website's etc. would be willing to help me out? I will PM details of my proposals to anyone who is willing to help

    Thank you so much!


    google 'just giving'. Not sure if it's .com or .org but you can set up something on there.

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    Thanks for that. It's not really what I'm looking for though:thumbsup:

    heeyy am still learnin how to make websites at uni, knw basics so a can try and help you as much as a can

    if u want


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    Another quick question. Does anyone know of any good forums where I could post this thread? This is quite specific and I am not sure if this is the best place to ask?


    Why dont you just have a blog ([url][/url]) and then link a paypal account to it and have a donate button which links them or there must be a way to integrate it into the blog itself.

    give us some more details of what your doing.. nee point been vauge :thumbsup:

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