Website to find out peoples details from a phone number

    Hey Folks

    I remember seeing in an Ebay thread a couple of weeks/months ago someone posted a link to a site that let you find peoples details by entering in some small amount of info - You either entered their name or their tel number and it gave you their info.

    Just wondering if anyone knows this site again so I can bookmark it for future use? I'm pretty sure it's one a lot of people use for ebay transactions.

    (Note - Not going to be used for stalking purposes, before you get in there

    Thanks in advance.

    Thanks to Dadof1 - was what I was looking for.


    If you're looking for bin laden, you're too late.


    just type a number into google and the persons details should appear


    Who calls me?

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    None of the above.

    I really can't remember what the site was called, but it worked well - I think it uses peoples electoral registered details, but not sure. Apologies for the epic vagueness, but help will be appreciated.

    The Googled number didn't work this morning for a colleague who wondered who had called his work phone on Saturday Which sparked me creating this thread.

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    Who calls me?

    That's not it either I would use that for potential scam callers etc or marketing companies. The one I'm thinking of does local stuff - again I think it uses electoral register details?

    b4usearch used to be good a few years back, but fell foul of data protection laws

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    Winner, thanks a ton Just realised it works on name and location, but that's the one I was thinking of, thanks.

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