Website which sends you stuff from USA when you buy online there (so no customs or taxes)

    Does anyone know of any services which send you items from abroad, like they order the item to their place then forward it to you as gifts so you don't pay customs or taxes? Just as I want to order a bag online, and can't find it anywhere in the UK


    There was something on the news recently that the taxes had changed and you could order much higher value goods from abroad without paying extra tax, might be worth a google search, i know it has not been widely published but def happened

    Any scheme which tries to get round duties by pretending that the goods are gifts is flawed, and if you use one of these 'services' you could be hit hard by Customs if the package is opened.

    HMRC have this warning on their website:

    Other websites may advertise that they will misrepresent or undervalue your goods so you avoid paying any extra Customs charges. However, by law you are the importer of the goods and are legally responsible for the information on the Customs declaration made by the sender and for any charges due. If you buy goods and the declaration is found to be incorrect, you may be liable to financial penalties or prosecution. In addition, the goods may be seized. It is in your interest to ensure the sender completes the Customs declaration accurately.

    Steer clear, unless you fancy a pretty chancy gamble.

    You are probably thinking of…ome

    This is useful for US websites which do not offer shipping to the UK but customes charges still apply...

    I have seen a mention that items sent via the US postal service (not UPS) are more likely to get through but the safest thing to do is to assume you will get charged customs and if you don't then its a lucky bonus.

    Original Poster

    Cheers for the replys guys. Anyone have any idea if there is anyone who offers a similar service but from Canada? Also I want to pay for something, but they only accept Credit card, I don't have a credit card, only debit, does that mean there is no way I can buy it?

    anything over £18 is liable for VAT and import duty - just so you know ;-)

    and a debit card will probably be ok if it a visa as they all have 12 numbers across front
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