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I been looking at free websitebuilder option for a friend that makes Wedding Table Decorations and Centrepieces . Can anyone please tell me if any of the following companies help build, maintain and advise? - - -…der.


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Those sites will have easy to use tools to build a website, if you can use Word then you should be able to make a site using the tools

Id be more tempted to use something like wix over the hosting companies offerings just because I think support and community will be better.

That said, by getting a site this way you open yourself to having an ongoing fee where you don't have a lot of control.

You'll be able to amend content etc really easy, but I mean you won't be able to move elsewhere with it as it'll be locked in to wix.

It may be worth looking for freelance or local developers? They may be able to offer a one off cost which works well, meaning your friend also gets a bespoke site, rather than using a generic template from these services.

I'm about to start some freelancing web work myself. If you want any free advice just ask away and I'll do my best to answer.

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Thanks for each reply.

Thanks doncoop for the offer of free advice. Much appreciated.

if your looking to sell items from the website then its definitely going to cost something... if its just for information and spreading the word and content then think about a site. I built and maintain a free one for my wife and its been great


Web design is fairly simple to pick up as a language. Why not try creating your own?

Check out if you haven't and place an advert. Lots of people offering services, as the name suggests, prices start at a fiver.
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