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Found 18th Nov 2007

I'm on the look out for a new car! (A Seat Leon 1.8 SE to be exact).

Apart from the obvious, such as Autotrader and eBay, are there any other places on the net I should be looking to buy?

I can't find many out there, and I'm sure there are!
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Loot [url]www.loot.co.uk[/url]
Thanks v. much - it's a used car btw probably about 3/4 years old. Also looking to buy from the trade as opposed to private
A couple of others

The Whatcar site [url]www.whatcar.co.uk[/url] also has a section for used cars but this might be mainly dealer listings....
Hi i know this might not help you as they only deal in new cars but my partner runs [url]www.whatcolourisit.co.uk[/url]

They are a car buying website for women, men are welcome if they dont mind been sold a car by ladies!!

Her name is Laura and if you do check them out tell her Andy sent you and mention hot uk deals


Seat approved cars :thumbsup:

carsource.co.uk + 4p quidco for every search.
Try [url]www.carpricechecker.co.uk[/url], nice and easy car price search engine.
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