Websites with banner ads please!!

I recently downloaded an extension for firefox which block adverts, be them google ads, banner ads, flash ads, anything.

I can add addresses of sites which host the banner ads. So what I want you to do is PM me with sites which contain banner ads... ones which I won't have thought of (I've got sky news and myspace) so that I can add as many as possible and test it to its limits.

The plugin:


If you have any trouble opening HUKD links to retailers (the "gotodeal" buttons) after installing the plugin then you may have blocked a HUKD link... just disable the ad-blocker until you need it again.

It works really well. Most of the time it doesn't just hide the ads, it moves the page contents so a lot of the time it's not even apparant an ad is missing!!

hotukdeals.com/for…280 Pop-ups and anything, PM me with them!! :-D Click here!!


Yeah, I am using it for quite a long time, great prog.

As to websites, how about WhatCar? They got a LOT of annoying ads in there.

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Thanks. It's fun... I feel like an exorcist of the banner ads, lol.

Fixed that by adding one rule!! Come on, I want something challenging with a lot of different advertisers, iframes, animations, etc. I wanna see if there's anything this program can't block!! :lol:

Well, you could go browsing some dodgy sites and see what happens...LOL

Do you think he REALLY want to strip those girls off.. er.. website? No WAY!

Did someone say 'dodgy'? You got my attention.

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Yeah, we were talking about three's reception. :lol: Just kidding of course, I think three are the best of the networks.

Erm.. I could but I don't want to, lol.

MySpace was hard to figure out. They've got a lot but they're all hosted on the myspace servers. :? Anyway, sorted that one.

Well, by dodgy, I meant other bargain hunting forums of course! Whatever did you boys think!?

MOD SUGGESTION - please do not answer rhetorical question above

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Oh!! Silly me!! I thought you meant sites with breasts. :-|
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