Posted 5th Dec 2022
Hey everyone. Getting married next year and tossing up what is the best way of getting cutlery sorted. Would we be better buying and then reselling on something like Ebay or Marketplace afterwards, or hiring? Anyone know any good places to hire? Don't need anything absolutely stunning, but preferably metal rather than wood or plastic, unless anyone knows some nice wood cutlery sets? Let me know what you think. Any other advice would be great. Thanks!
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    As someone that's just helped their friend with wedding arrangements there's a couple of things to factor in:

    Obviously the first is the following equation: What is the cost of buying the cutlery minus the resale value minus the merchant's fee for selling? Then compare that total to what the cost of hire would be. If one figure is vastly better than the other, then you probably have answered your question.

    But secondly, what price do you put on your time? Say the net cost of buying then reselling is £100. And say the cost of hiring cutlery for 100 people is £150, how much value do you put on that £50. It's an unbelievably stressful time. Do you want someone to sort it all out and give you less to think about, or - after the event when you want to be relaxing - do you want to get the cutlery into a resellable state, which you've got to wash, dry and polish (and possibly up to 500 individual items) which will be a minimum of a few hours work (and not to mention the utility expense).

    There's no right answer as it'll be contingent on your approach and your budget, but they are a few things to consider. (edited)
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    See if any local hotels/restaurants have gone bust and are liquidating their assets.

    Family member recently did some work for the new owners of a hotel that went bust and was allowed to help himself to any cutlery. (edited)
    Awesome. Thanks!
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    Starting now just keep popping in to charity shops if yr not too fussed about symmetry. If aesthetics is important I'd go with renting. The thing with asking people to bring their own is they will be part of a set and I know I'd be annoyed if I didn't get all the pieces back. If you know anyone who works at a school they may help you out if it's over a weekend.

    And congratulations in advance. (edited)
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    80. Thanks for that!
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    Guests bring there own. Ha.
    Just put call out and borrow.

    To hire phone catering firm
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    Does the venue or caterers not provide their own?
    Resale value would be a small margin plus you always need extra.
    Caters can and that's something we need to speak to them about. Venue doesn't provide as it's an air b&b
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    If you bring in silver cutlery, are you sure none will be kept "as a memory of the day".
    Make it Chinese food. One set of disposable chopsticks each
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