Wedding Dress

    Hi everyone

    I'm looking for a very simple wedding dress, max £500, new, no train, size 8, colour undecided.

    I've found a site called Zeleb today:…g=0
    where you can choose the design in any colour and have it tailor-made to your size but prices seem very cheap.
    Has anyone used this company or have any other suggestions, please?

    Rep for all help xx


    Not used this particular site but my friend just received a wedding dress from a company similar to this. She took her measurements, then sent them a design of a dress she liked and they said that they were able to make one that would look the same.
    Her dress has turned out to be an absolute disaster. It does not fit properly, looks nothing like the design she sent and overall was a waste of money (she paid £400). She is now having to buy one from a shop. Unfortunately, she cannot get one that will be made to her exact measurements, as she is getting married in a few weeks time (so too late to order).
    I would be extremely cautious of ordering from such sites - if the dress does not fit would you be able to return it and get a refund or replacement?

    Perhaps go to a local bridal shop (or department store) and try on a few dresses to see how they fit. You never know, you may find something that looks really nice on you.
    Alternatively, if you do not mind wearing something second hand, you usually find people advetise their dresses for sale. Many will allow you to try before you buy to see whether it would fit ok. Remember, minor adjustments can usually be made to a dress (such as taking it in a little etc) at a little cost.

    Good luck......oh and congratulations!

    My mum ordered a wedding dress for my cousin from a seller on the very popular auction site beginnning with an E. (Not sure if im allowed to say), from China, she sent all the required measurements etc and about 3weeks the dress arrived and it was perfect. The seller was really good with communication.
    I went to a bridal shop and purchased mine and it cost me a heck of a lot more and required adjusting, with extra cost.
    My sister ordered hers from a company off the internet from America. Not sure who this was unable to get hold of her at min. But that was stunning and under £300. Even if you have to have it slightly adjusted its nothing major.
    Everyone experiences different things i dont know what the site above is like.
    Good luck on your search and for your big day

    M&S have lovely dresses and so do littlewoods. I ordered some from both when I was getting married and settled on the littlewoods one. It was gorgeous and only £200 and there are codes for both.
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