Wedding favours for men?`

Found 19th Jul 2011
I am after some ideas for some wedding favours for the men at my wedding.I have come up with the usual - whiskeys and lottery tickets but I cannot seem to think of many other ideas.
Can anyone come up with some ideas?

Thanks in advance.
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You could always try going to boots or whatever and picking up aftershave samples?
We made and printed notes in envelopes to say that instead of favours (which to be fair no one cares about) we donated money to 2 chosen charities which meant something to us.
depends how much you want to spend?
I do not want to spend a lot probably a max of £3.50 per item.
(_;) why not hire a blow specialist...for that special blow!
How about a raffle ticket for each of the guys and the winner gets to tub the bridesmaid.
pack of condoms with a note, thanks for coming

I do not want to spend a lot probably a max of £3.50 per item.

I'd spend even less if this is your first wedding. If you spend more now then you'll probably be expected to spend the same amount at your next wedding.

Best just to set the bar low now.
Fact: If you mix wedding, men and favours in the same sentence, it sounds wrong.
My mrs used the posh soaps from Lush. You can get personalized ones in the shape of robots and various others, they smell pretty good. Ranging from about £2-5.
I got my men napkins and had there name embroided on.
what about football pins, most men like football,thats what a friend of mine did really good idea
I have made cufflinks for all the blokes in the wedding party.. cheap and pretty cool!
When we went to a big wedding we got given Clear shot glasses with our name on and their names and date of wedding on the back, Was lovely and used as the table name plan too. Will get a picture if you are interested.
Both female and males got them.
I'd probably go for help for heroes wristbands, or pin badges for some other charity. So that the money has gone to a good cause.
How about a flash of the brides bewbies.
Go to poundland n get screw drivers n spanners n socks n stuff goodluck X)
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