wedding help..... box needed for wedding dress.

    Hi folks in need of some help..... flying out to vegas on 17 april for our wedding, and my other half doesnt want to put her dress in the hold.... have been told we can take it on as hand luggage in a box no more then 9"x14"x22" so was just wondering if anyone know where we could get our hands on such a box. Many Thanks.


    i have seen people take them in a dress this not the case now?

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    they have said that cant have them in these as cant be hung up due to new CAA security measures


    they have said that cant have them in these as cant be hung up due to new … they have said that cant have them in these as cant be hung up due to new CAA security measures

    but if its in a dress protector bag thingy then it can be rolled and put in a locker? surely better than folding?

    If it really needs boxing i would ask the shop to do it? im sure they will do it better with less damage. I would def try to get them to let you roll it though!

    Hope all goes well!

    We got married in Vegas too, at the Bellagio! It was amazing.....Anyway, back to the matter at hand, my wife asked the shop where she bought the dress to box the dress as it had to go in the hold; which was all well and good but it was still creased to hell when we got it there. There are loads of places in Vegas who specialise in pressing wedding dresses. They picked ours up from the Concierge desk at the Bellagio and had it returned within half a day. Cost around $100, but then if my wife insisted on having a dress made of silk.....

    Hope this helps??

    fleabay have loads. Im gettin married in Greece in October and will be getting one myself

    hi there, i used to work for a dry cleaners (johnsons) and they sell wedding dress boxes with acid free tissue paper so that the dress doesn't discolour whilst being stored. you could use it to take the dress over with you and then when you return to store it in. I think they are about £50 but please do not quote me, im sure if you ring your local dry cleaners they will be able to tell you exact price and measurements of the box, hope this helps

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    Guys and girls thanks for all the advice and jonincov guess what............. were getting married at the bellagio too! some good ideas there, so once again thank you so much.

    i got mine at the shop where i got dress £25 i think it was she boxed it up with tissue and told me not to take out till wanted to wear it cos i wouldnt get it back in i did this and when i took it out it was perfect no creases at all im sure you local wedding shop could do it
    good luck with the wedding hope you have a lovely time
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